I don’t understand how I once lived without cooling system

It baffles me to think that I once lived without cooling system.

And I guess when you say this, you are easily thinking of some outdated timer, however no, I was young, and also without cooling system.

How this happened was I moved out easily early due to rocky family relationships. I moved into a small home, this current home was so small, it was technically meant to be a storage shed, however it was a much nicer a single. I didn’t mind though, and I managed to make a tiny room out of it. However, since it was a storage shed, it didn’t have cooling system. This was easily hard, because it easily heated up while the two of us were in the day. It was so hard knowing that most people else had good cooling system however I didn’t. I usually made numerous trips over to odd restaurants and cafes just to get some cooling system. However, all of that is in the past. I now live in a much nicer apartment, this home has appealing central cooling system, and now living with cool cooling system everyday makes me wonder how I once was able to live without it. Either way, I am easily ecstatic I no longer have to worry about the warm and humid hot and cold temperatures, and that I can look forward to driving current home every day to a nice cool home. There are some downsides, such as having to worry about paying for Heating & Air Conditioning repairs and Heating & Air Conditioning tune ups, however that is usually only something that happens when you are a homeowner, and even if I did have to pay, I would be glad to do so.

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