The A/C business was quick to fix their mistake

I am really glad that there are businesses that will own up to their mistakes.

Because I have been at some places that are just completely and utterly unapologetic.

A great example is sometime back when I went and bought fast food, and realized they gave me the wrong order. It was someone else’s order. I went back and wanted my own food, but they had already given it away, and refused to refund or give me a replacement. Instead, they told me I would have to order from them again. Now that I am never going back to that place, I started being more picky about what places I did business with. An example of a great business is the heating and A/C business that was very kind. I ended up placing an order for an air purifier on their store’s website, and I made a plan to pick it up the same day. When I arrived there, they had me in their system for the whole home media air cleaner pick up, but it seems they have made an inventory mistake. They were unfortunately already out of whole home media air purifiers. They apologized immensely for the mistake, ordered me a brand new one, gave me a huge discount and they even told me that I could get one small item for free in their store. I was amazed at their generosity. I ended up getting a furnace filter as my free item, and the air purifier was supposed to be here next Monday. Now this is a place I will be returning to.
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