I have a ton of different A/C machines

Which brought my number up to 4

People are probably going to think I am weird, but I have many different heating and air conditioning systems. Most people only have 1, or maybe 2 as a back up. But I have multiple. You can kind of call me a collector of sorts, I know what a weird thing to collect. But it started out with a portable heating and air conditioning system I had in my dorm room back in college. Pretty much everyone knew that the heating and A/C in that university sucked, and so it was not uncommon for people to buy their own portable heaters or air conditioners. I bought one, and when I graduated from university, I brought it with me. I then lived in an apartment that had a really bad window A/C, and so I actually bought a window A/C myself, a much nicer one. And since I had bought it, when I moved out I took it with me. Once I finally had my own home, I had a central air conditioning unit and a gas fireplace. Which brought my number up to 4. Finally though, my last is when I heard about radiant heated flooring. I just knew I had to give it a try, and so I had my bathroom and bedroom floors fitted with heated flooring. Needless to say, I don’t think I will ever be cold or hot again! I actually sometimes will sell off excess HVAC technology I don’t need, like A/C filters, dial thermostats and at one point an air purifier.

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