Looking into alternative methods of heating and cooling

While I know everyone seems to love the classic central air conditioning I couldn’t help but to want something more. Not only that, but a central HVAC system probably wouldn’t have been the best fit for my home anyways. My home was not very big, so I knew I didn’t need anything very large. I went to a local HVAC shop and asked for their opinions. Unfortunately, the person working there seemed to only know how to operate the cash register, so I didn’t get the answers I was looking for. I decided I needed to call an actual HVAC corporation, and it was there that they were able to help me. The HVAC specialist that I spoke to told me about all of my different options I could choose from. The one that sounded the most interesting to me was getting multiple mini split ductless air conditioners. The HVAC worker told me a little more about the ductless air conditioners, and I decided to come and take a look at them myself. Back to the HVAC store, that is when I could look and see if that was the heating and cooling system I wanted in my home. It was, and with the help of the store, I was able to bring home 3 different mini split ductless A/C units. I had to have another A/C technician come and install it, but once I did, I was quite pleased with the new system in my home. I think I made the right decision.

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